Payroll Reporting

Generate reports on your payrolls

Reports are a fundamental part of any payroll product. Whether for accounting, tax purposes, or bookkeeping, employers will frequently want to pull reports displaying all the employees they paid in a given date range, how much they paid them, and how much tax was accrued for those payments. There are other reports employers may be interested in, such as an overview of all payments made to contractors over time, a summary of tax liability by check date, and much more.

Check supports the following reports through both the API and Console:

  • Payroll Summary: Lists employees’ earnings, deductions, and taxes aggregated for the input time period.
  • Payroll Journal: Lists employees’ earnings, deductions, and taxes by payroll.
  • Tax Liabilities: Lists tax liability by payroll.

Use GET /companies/company/reports/<report_name> to generate these reports through the API.

curl -H “Authorization: Bearer <token>” \<company_id>/reports/<report_name>

report_name may be: payroll_summary, payroll_journal, or tax_liabilities.

You may also pass an Accept: text/csv header with your request to receive the report data in CSV format.

These reports are also available through the Reporting tab in Check Console.

We’re always adding new reports, so don’t hesitate to reach out if there’s a particular report you’d like us to support!