Glossary of Check-initiated Payments

For each approved payroll, Check will initiate one debit payment from the employer's bank account that encompasses the amount for employee pay (excluding manual payments), post-tax deductions managed by Check, and all payroll taxes.

Outside of debit payments to fund payrolls, employers may see other types of collections and refunds.

Bank codes related to payments initiated by Check

For each payment type, employers will see the Partner name followed by the three-letter code.

CodePayment Type
PCRCash requirements debited from employers to fund payrolls
PAYPayments sent to employees for earnings
CONPayments sent to contractors for earnings
PTDPayments sent for post-tax deductions
TRMRefunds sent to employers for termination of payroll services
TAXTaxes collected from employers at Quarter-end when the amount owed is greater
TAXTaxes refunded to employers at Quarter-end when the amount owed is lesser
MQCTaxes collected from employers who switch payroll providers mid-year
AFRTaxes refunded to employers when filings are not successful due to incomplete tax IDs
VPRTaxes refunded to employers due to voided payrolls
RFDRefunds sent to employers for overpayment
COLCollection debited from employers for underpayment
PRENOTEPrenote for validating bank account information