API Logs

Understand the requests you're making to Check's API

In Check Console, we surface a dashboard that allows users to view the requests that they make to Check's API. This dashboard can be found in the API Logs tab of the Developers section. Access to this view is limited to admin users of Console.

Which logs can I view?

The request logs displayed in this dashboard are limited to those made with a valid API key (requests made via Onboard or Console are not displayed). Additionally, only requests made in the past 2 weeks are shown. As such, you'll see that "Last 14 days" is the date filter that is applied by default. Users may filter down the logs to smaller predefined date ranges (such as the current day) or set a custom date range, with the caveat that it falls within the past 2 weeks. Date range filtering has time level granularity, down to a measure of minutes. Outside of date range, the dashboard also allows filtering by URL path, HTTP method, status code and idempotency key.

What information can I find in this dashboard?

The dashboard contains information about requests that are being made to Check's API. This includes the URL path, HTTP method, status code, and timestamp of each individual request. Users can dig deeper into a particular request by clicking the "View details" button to open up a detail view containing additional information, including headers, response headers, and the time it took to process the request. Sensitive information, such as API keys, is scrubbed from this data.