Bank Account Verification Document Requests

Find out which companies have bank account ownership verification requests and the current status of these requirements.

Bank account verification requests are a special type of Company Review Document Requests.

Certain companies will be asked to provide documentation to verify ownership of their bank account. Without the Requirements API, you can determine this state by looking for bank accounts with status as disabled_recoverable and disabled_reason as verification_pending. With the Requirements API, when a bank account verification document is required, you will receive a webhook for the creation of a new requirement.

	"event": "created",
	"data": {
		"id": "req_123",
		"company": "com_kGYEICK22GEzj8trreH3",
		"requirement": "bank_account_verification",
		"categories": ["company_provided_documents"],
		"status": "not_provided",
		"errors": [],
		"guidance": {
        "document_options": [
                "name": "bank_letter",
                "label": "Bank letter, on bank letterhead, including last four of the account number and account owner’s name",
                "name": "bank_statement",
                "label": "Full bank statement including bank name, account number, and account owner's name and address",
      	"accepted_file_formats": [

A document can then be uploaded through the Document Upload API, as described in Uploading Company Provided Documents. Once that document is uploaded, the requirement will transition to a status of pending, issuing a Requirements webhook of event type updated. The bank account will not experience any changes yet.

Once our Risk team has reviewed the document, the requirement will change in one of three ways depending on the results of verifications:

  1. The document was accepted as verification for the bank account. The requirement transitions to status completed. The bank account will now have status ownership_verified.
  2. The document uploaded has errors. Documentation is re-requested for the same bank account. The requirement's status will transition to document_rejected and the requirement's errors list will contain more information on what was incorrect. The bank account will not change state.
  3. The document shows that this bank account is not owned by the correct entity. In this situation, the requirement's status will be set to not_accepted and the bank account will transition to status disabled_irrecoverable.