Working with Check Console

Learn about using Console to operate your payroll product

Check Console is an internal dashboard for managing your payroll product across all of your customers, which will help you and your team gain deeper visibility into your payroll business. Console gives you a clear outlook both on high-level items such as companies and employees on your platform and more granular details like individual payrolls, benefits, and deductions. With Console, there’s no need to build an internal tool to visualize your data in Check - we provide the necessary features to empower your operations team and developers to create an amazing experience for your customers.

What Console offers your operations teams

For operations and implementations teams, Console exposes functionality to interact directly with Check without the need for developer support. Common use cases include company implementations, benefits and deductions creation, report generation, and the ability to view and download Company forms at the click of a button.


What Console offers your developers

Console provides developers with in-depth access to webhooks and API logs. The webhooks tab grants visibility into the details on the status of every webhook delivery attempt, making setup and debugging much simpler. In addition, the API logs tab surfaces information on every HTTP request made with an API key and allows for filtering by any combination of URL path, HTTP method, status code, and idempotency key.


To learn more about Check Console and experience it for yourself, reach out to us to get started with an API key and credentials to Console.

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