Linking Bank Accounts with Plaid

Using Plaid to securely link employee bank accounts to Check

We've partnered with Plaid to easily and securely link employee and contractor bank accounts with Check.

To link a bank account with Check using Plaid, first follow the Plaid docs to obtain a Check processor token for the account. The response from Plaid will look like this:

    "processor_token": "processor-sandbox-3ba4382d-...",
    "request_id": "...",

The processor_token value is a token that enables Check to securely retrieve the information for the bank account from Plaid. To finish linking the bank account to Check, create a bank account resource for an employee or contractor using the processor token.

For example, to link the account to the Check employee with ID emp_abc123:

    "employee": "emp_abc123",
    "plaid_bank_account": {
        "plaid_processor_token": "processor-sandbox-3ba4382d-..."

To link an account to a contractor, use the same request format, but replace the "employee" key and value with "contractor", and provide the contractor's unique ID as the value.

A successful response indicates that Check has retrieved the account information from Plaid, and the bank account is now linked to the specified resource.