Company Enrollment

Guide to enrolling a company in Check's payroll services

Before Check can process a payroll for a company, Check needs information about the company to meet our regulatory obligations, determine a processing period for the company, surface enhanced onboarding flows, and kick off internal processes to get the company activated. This guide walks through how each piece of the Check Payroll API relates to company enrollment before their first payroll.

Company data

The following fields on the Company object are necessary for compliance purposes, and the earlier they are filled in, the sooner Check can verify the information.

  • legal_name
  • legal_address
  • website*
  • business_type*
  • industry_type*

*These fields can be filled in via the company object API, Company Onboard, or the Company Details Component.

Tax Setup data

The company's federal EIN must match with what the IRS has on file for the company's legal name. FEIN can be submitted via the Tax Parameters API or via Company Onboard.

Signatory data

Create a signatory for the company via the Signatory object.

Enrollment Profile

The Enrollment Profile object stores additional information that ensures a smooth onboarding process for the company. We strongly recommend sending as much of the information in the enrollment profile as possible. The more information we receive, the more accurate our processing period decisions will be for your clients.

Once the business verification piece of enrollment has been initiated, you will not be able to update the enrollment profile. For this reason, we suggest sending as much of the data as possible, as early as possible.

The enrollment profile can be created and modified via the API or in Console.

Enrollment initiation

When Check receives all necessary information via each of the APIs above, enrollment is automatically initiated. Therefore, we recommend sending as much of the enrollment profile as possible.

Specifically, enrollment begins when we have received all of the following fields and objects:

  • business legal name
  • FEIN
  • business address
  • business phone number
  • signatory object
  • industry type
  • employee and contractor counts

All the other data you've provided will be used in making an enrollment decision, but only if it's provided before or at the same time as these 7 attributes.