Run Payroll

Run payroll using our white-labeled Run Payroll Component. Set up employee pay, add earnings, and preview payrolls all within one Component. In order to run payroll with the Component, the company must have:

  • At least one employee associated with it
  • At least one pay schedule associated with it (Pay Schedule API)
  • Company Onboarding status in "completed" state
  • Learn how to embed Components in our guide.


    The Run Payroll Component allows for editing payroll payday and processing periods. Since allowing processing period edits are often included in our partner's higher pricing tiers, processing period edits are not on by default. This field can be toggled on by passing in the allowProcessingPeriodEdits field in our SDK. The allowPaydayEdits SDK field, which defaults to true, allows toggling off payday edits if necessary. Learn more here.

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