Error codes

Below is a list of error codes that Check may return in the type field, along with information on how to resolve them.

Error codeDescription
address_invalidInvalid address. There are many potential messages you may receive for an invalid address error.
api_errorAn internal error occurred. We have been notified and are looking into the issue.
contractor_payment_already_existsOnly one contractor payment can be created per contractor per payroll.
contractor_payment_limit_exceededContractor payments are limited to 500 per payroll.
employee_benefit_effective_date_overlapThe maximum number of overlapping benefits for this benefit type has been exceeded. Update the benefits’ effective dates to have fewer overlapping benefits.
net_pay_negativeNet pay was calculated to be negative. Contact us if you encounter this.
non_empty_payroll_requiredPayrolls must have at least one item or contractor payment to be previewed or approved.
non_managed_payroll_update_invalidNon-managed payrolls cannot be updated as they were not managed and paid via Check. Contact us if you need to update a non-managed item.
non_managed_payroll_void_invalidNon-managed payrolls cannot be voided as they were not managed and paid via Check. Contact us if you need to void a non-managed item.
not_authenticatedAuthentication credentials were not provided.
not_foundThe resource you're looking for was not found, or you do not have permission to access it.
off_cycle_options_invalidOnly payrolls of type 'off_cycle' can have 'off_cycle_options'.
payroll_approval_deadline_expiredPayroll is past approval deadline without approval, and further changes are not allowed. If you want to pay employees by payday, they must all be paid with the "manual" payment method.
payroll_already_approvedPayroll is already approved, and further changes are not allowed. If changes need to be made before the approval deadline, you can reopen the payroll.
payroll_date_invalidInvalid payroll period or payday.
payroll_item_already_existsOnly one payroll item can be created per employee per payroll.
payroll_item_limit_exceededPayroll items are limited to 500 per payroll.
payroll_reopening_invalidOnly payrolls in the 'pending' status can be reopened.
permission_deniedYou do not have permission to perform this action.
post_tax_deduction_invalidThe post tax deduction to be created or updated is invalid. Refer to the post-tax deduction object specification to determine the correct configuration.
routing_number_invalidInvalid ABA routing number. Update it to be a valid ABA routing number and try again.
start_date_invalidInvalid payday start date for paydays list endpoint.
state_not_supportedYou have tried to create a company, employee, or workplace in a state that is not currently supported by Check. Contact Check if a state you require is not yet supported via the API.
throttledYou made too many requests to the API. See the accompanying message for when to attempt requests again.
unapproved_payroll_void_invalidPayroll items of unapproved payrolls cannot be voided. Instead, update the previous payroll.
validation_errorThe request body contained invalid data. Look at the message and optional input_errors for more information to resolve.
voided_payroll_reopening_invalidCannot reopen a payroll with voided item or voided contractor payment. Contact us if you need to reopen a voided item.
void_already_existsA payroll item can only be voided once.
void_invalidA void payroll item cannot be voided.
company_tax_setup_requiredCompany tax setup must be complete.
payday_invalidThe payday is not valid for the given pay period and frequency.
company_blockingThe company's Onboard status is in blocking state and certain actions like running payroll cannot be performed.
company_not_implementedThe company's implementation is not complete and certain actions like running payroll cannot be performed.
federal_tax_liability_exceeds_100kThe company's attempt at payroll approval failed due to their total federal tax liability exceeding $100,000 for their deposit period. To resolve this, the payroll must be funded by wire.
disallowed_environmentThe requested functionality is not supported in the current sandbox or live environment.