Requirement errors

Represents the errors associated with a previously provided requirement, explaining why the requirement is still needed.

List of machine-readable and human-readable errors that might occur when providing documentation. These errors will be surfaced alongside the requirement status document_rejected.

ErrorHuman-Readable Format
provided_document_expiredProvided document must not be expired.
provided_document_type_not_supportedProvided document is not an acceptable type.
provided_document_editedProvided document must be in its original format and cannot be edited after being generated.
provided_document_federal_ein_missingProvided document must include Federal EIN.
provided_document_legal_name_missingProvided document must include legal name.
provided_document_not_readableProvided document is not readable.
provided_document_bank_name_missingProvided document must include the name of the bank.
provided_document_bank_account_missingProvided document must include bank account number.
provided_document_bank_routing_missingProvided document must include bank routing number.
provided_document_incorrect_personProvided document is for the incorrect person.
provided_document_failed_otherProvided document failed for other reasons. See the error description for further information, and reach out for support if needed.