Requirement errors

Represents the errors associated with a previously provided requirement, explaining why the requirement is still needed.

List of machine-readable and human-readable errors that might occur when providing documentation. These errors will be surfaced alongside the requirement status document_rejected.

An error is represented as an object with 3 fields:

  • type: broad category of error, machine-readable
  • label: Description of the error type, designed to be displayed to the end user
  • description: Optional field provided by the Check risk team to explain the error clearly to you. This field should not be automatically displayed to the end user, but could be helpful for your internal support or operations teams fielding questions about the error.

The possible error types and their labels are:

Error typeError label (human-readable format)
provided_document_expiredProvided document must not be expired.
provided_document_type_not_supportedProvided document is not an acceptable type.
provided_document_editedProvided document must be in its original format and cannot be edited after being generated.
provided_document_federal_ein_missingProvided document must include Federal EIN.
provided_document_legal_name_missingProvided document must include legal name.
provided_document_not_readableProvided document is not readable.
provided_document_bank_name_missingProvided document must include the name of the bank.
provided_document_bank_account_missingProvided document must include bank account number.
provided_document_bank_routing_missingProvided document must include bank routing number.
provided_document_incorrect_personProvided document is for the incorrect person.
provided_document_failed_otherProvided document failed for other reasons. See the error description for further information, and reach out for support if needed.