Request Embedded Setup

Request that Check manage setting up all of a Company's data necessary to begin running payroll.


Sandbox Behavior

In Sandbox, after requesting Embedded Setup for a company, every two minutes, we will automatically transition the company to the next phase. 12 minutes after submission, the company’s implementation_status will move to completed, which indicates the company is ready to run payroll. You will get a company.updated webhook with the implementation status.

Before this request can succeed, the Company must:

  • Have agreed to Check TOS
  • Completed bank account setup
  • Have a start_date in the future
    • In cases where we update the start_date to a different month, Federal Form 8655 will automatically be removed, and the onboard status will be set to blocking. Since this document displays the start_date month, any updates that would alter the month would invalidate any previously signed Federal Form 8655s. We will then want to generate a new onboard or filing auth component link for the employee to re-sign a new Federal Form 8655.

And the following fields must be populated:


  • start_date
  • pay_frequency


  • previous_payroll_provider
  • payroll_history_access_method
    • When payroll_history_access_method is provided_previous_payroll_provider_account_id, then previous_payroll_provider_account_id is also required
  • employee_count
  • contractor_count
  • account_contacts - the first email address in this array will be used for any setup-related communications from our team
  • (optional) implementation_services_submission_comment
Possible error messages
Company has not agreed to Terms of Service
Company must complete bank account setup
Company must have a start date
Company start date '2023-10-10' must be in the future
Company must have a pay frequency
Company must complete EnrollmentProfile to request Embedded Setup
Embedded Setup may only be used for companies migrating from a previous payroll provider
Company must affirm access to previous payroll provider via payroll_history_access_method on EnrollmentProfile
Company must provide estimated employee count on EnrollmentProfile
Company must provide estimated contractor count on EnrollmentProfile
Company has already been submitted for Embedded Setup
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