Requirement statuses

Represents the current state of a requirement for a company

List of statuses utilized throughout the lifecycle of a Requirement

openThis status is used the first time a requirement is surfaced.

For document requests, this status indicates that the end-user needs supply missing information, such as a requested document or data entry.
pendingThis status indicates that an action has been taken to resolve a given requirement.

For example, this could mean that the Check team is reviewing the document and will provide a status update shortly. For funding failure requirements, this signifies that an ACH re-debit attempt has completed successfully and Check is waiting for the three-day ACH return window to clear.
resolvedThe Check team has finished reviewing, successfully processed the information, and cleared the requirement.
closedThe Check team has not accepted the information supplied. No user action is required for this status.

This status is used as a terminal state when no user-action can move the requirement forward. For example, if the Check team discovers a disqualifying situation during company review (such as an unsupported industry) prior to reviewing a provided document, this requirement will be marked as closed.
failedThis status indicates that user action is required for resolution.

For document requests, the status indicates that a provided document was rejected. Refer to the errors list for information on what the user should fix in a subsequent document upload. In the case of funding failures, this status is an indicator that the failed payroll debit should be retried.