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Off-cycle payroll

Posted by Alex DelVecchio 9 months ago

Employees are not always paid on regular payroll cycles, and this may happen for many reasons. Here are a few of them:


Company tax documents

Posted by Nicole Lee 10 months ago

Check makes quarter end and year end processing easy. We file all tax returns with the appropriate agencies and generate copies for your customers. Today we’re excited to announce an API endpoint to retrieve these tax documents, such as the federal Form 940 and Form 941.

Paydays endpoint

Posted by Nicole Lee 11 months ago

Ensuring every employee in our system gets paid on time is our top priority. That’s why we validate that all payroll resources have a payday on which banks are open.

Earnings in multiple workplaces

Posted by Ian Zapolsky 11 months ago

We’re excited to launch support for earnings in multiple workplaces on a single payroll item! This feature will be useful for paying employees who earn wages at multiple locations in a single pay period, such as waiters who work at more than one location of a restaurant chain.

Calculation support for child support garnishments

Posted by Nicole Lee 11 months ago

Child support garnishment is a key feature of any robust payroll platform. Today, we're announcing support for compliant child support garnishment calculation across all 50 states.

Payroll item warnings

Posted by Nicole Lee about a year ago

Note: It may be helpful to read Miscellaneous Post-Tax Deduction as context for this post.

Calculation support for miscellaneous post-tax deductions

Posted by Nicole Lee about a year ago

Today we’re excited to roll out support for miscellaneous post-tax deductions!

Bulk payroll item creation

Posted by Vivek Patel about a year ago

Today, we're excited to launch support for a new way to create payrolls and their items in one API request. This update will make creating payrolls for non-trivial company sizes dramatically easier and safer. This new structure should look very familiar:

Employees in multiple workplaces

Posted by Ian Zapolsky about a year ago

We’re happy to announce that we now allow for employees to relate to multiple workplaces. Two simple API changes were required to make this happen.

Simplifying employee creation

Posted by Vivek Patel about a year ago

Configuring employee withholdings correctly is critical to accurately calculate pay. However, withholdings are not a topic that developers need to be familiar with to use Check successfully.