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API Versioning

Posted by Alex DelVecchio 4 months ago

With any rapidly evolving API like Check’s, occasionally breaking changes need to be made. Up until now, we've dealt with this by closely coordinating with each of our Partners to ensure that they have made the necessary changes on their end before we release any breaking change. However, we've known that this was not a scalable solution for any party.

2-day Payroll Processing

Posted by Ian Zapolsky 5 months ago

Today we're excited to announce support for 2-day processing on payrolls!

More granular payment statuses

Posted by Cameron Spickert 7 months ago

Payday is the most important day for employees. It's an opportunity to build trust between employers, employees, and your platform. With that in mind, Check now supports payment statuses at the payroll item and contractor payment level.

Payroll Journal and Summary Reports

Posted by Nicole Lee 7 months ago

Reporting is a critical part of any payroll system. At the most basic level it helps companies answer the question: “How much money have I paid to my employees, to tax agencies, and to benefit providers in a given time period?”


Contractor tax documents

Posted by Nicole Lee 10 months ago

Earlier this week we added the ability to pay contractors. Today we’re releasing an endpoint to retrieve the tax forms that we file for those contractors at the end of the year.

Support for paying contractors

Posted by Nicole Lee 10 months ago

Today we’re excited to announce support for independent contractors. Your customers will now be able to pay their entire workforce through the Check API, while we handle all 1099 form filing.


Posted by Grace Chen 10 months ago

The lifecycle of a payroll generally plays out over the course of several days, due to the asynchronous payment processing handled by Check. Once a customer approves a payroll, it moves through a series of states: pending, processing, and paid. Keeping track of when a payroll makes these state transitions can be cumbersome because it requires polling the Check API to look for changes. To make this easier, we’re introducing webhooks. By configuring webhooks, you can enable Check to send you real-time HTTP updates about events that happen in our system. At launch, we support sending webhooks for payroll status updates, but more event types will be added in the coming months.


Company authorization documents

Posted by Cameron Spickert 10 months ago

Following our release of employee tax documents, we're also launching an endpoint for company authorization documents. Documents accessible via the API will now include forms that enable Check to file and pay taxes in federal and state jurisdictions on behalf of companies, such as the federal Form 8655 (Reporting Agent Authorization).


Employee tax documents

Posted by Cameron Spickert 10 months ago

Last month we added the ability to access company tax documents, and today we're launching a new API endpoint for employee tax documents, making it easy to access federal and state withholding forms submitted by employees, as well as copies of employee wage and tax statements filed by Check, such as the federal W-2 form.

Direct integration endpoints

Posted by Ian Zapolsky 10 months ago

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of several new features: the Bank Account API, the SSN API, the Employee Withholdings API, and the onboard_status field on the employee resource. These features are designed to support developers who opt not to use Check Onboard for employees, and instead want to build their own onboarding flows.